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Wix Vs GoDaddy 2021: Why Wix is Better

Updated: Jun 14

Wix Vs GoDaddy

As mentioned in my previous blog; I built this website using Wix, and it's something I'll never regret.

My experience has been great with Wix and I love my website!

But before I made my decision, I spent countless hours going through the different website builders and their pros and cons. I have also tried and tested GoDaddy so that I can make a fair comparison.

In this article, I will walk you through the reasons why I chose Wix over GoDaddy.

Wix and GoDaddy are arguably the two best website builders for bloggers, freelancers, and small businesses; because they are cheap and easy to use. Even someone with no programming skills can build a beautiful website using Wix or GoDaddy within minutes. It's also easy to manage these websites as they take care of website security and other essentials.

Let's dig a little deeper!

A little bit of history...

Wix history

Wix was founded in 2006 by 3 techies: Avishai Abrahami, Nadav Abrahami and Giora Kaplan. When they were building a website for another start-up, they realized how difficult and expensive it can be to create a website. It was this experience that inspired them to build a platform that anyone can use to create their own website hassle-free.

GoDaddy history

GoDaddy was founded in 1997 by entrepreneur Bob Parsons. It was initially called "Jomax Technologies" and the brand name was changed to "GoDaddy" in 2006. Fast forward to 2019, GoDaddy launched an updated website builder specially designed to help small businesses develop a web presence with ease.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Since SEO is one of the key factors you will have to consider before choosing a website builder, let's get it out of the way first.

SEO is the process of optimizing your website to get ranked higher in search engines like Google. You don't just need a website for your business, you want people to find you.

Sure, you can promote your site on social media but for most successful websites, the majority of traffic comes from being found on search engine results.

Note that some people still believe it is difficult to rank in search engine results using low-cost website builders like Wix or GoDaddy. This may have been true in the past but not anymore. These website builders have put in a lot of work to improve their SEO features and now too many Wix and GoDaddy websites are being ranked on the first page of Google.


Wix offers some easy-to-follow SEO tools to easily get all the basics right. You just need to follow the step-by-step SEO plan to get started. Wix's SEO apps like site booster will make your SEO even stronger. You can learn more about SEO through Wix's SEO guide.

Wix also has advanced SEO features if you want to try them out. You can even hire a Wix SEO partner from the Wix marketplace to boost your site's SEO performance.

Screenshot of Wix SEO tools
Wix's SEO tools

GoDaddy SEO

GoDaddy also has built-in SEO tools that make it easy to get the SEO basics right. GoDaddy does not come with an apps store to get additional SEO tools but the built-in tools are strong enough to get you covered. GoDaddy also has advanced SEO features.

To get a feel of how SEO tools work, you can watch the below video.

Wix Vs Godaddy - SEO Conclusion

It's a Tie. Both have good SEO tools to get started and both have advanced features.

Ease of Use

Website builders are largely used by users who have no coding skills and don't want to hire someone either. Therefore, you shouldn't have to worry much here, both Wix and GoDaddy are pretty easy to use and you can set up a website within minutes.

Both do not require any software to be installed on your computer and comes with templates and drag-and-drop functionalities that make it easy for you to design your website.

However, the distinction is that with GoDaddy you will have to set up a website using Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI). It means you will have to answer a few questions and your website automatically gets created based on your answers. This method is much faster but additional customization can be harder. Wix gives you an option to create using ADI or the manual editor.

I would recommend that you create your website using the manual editor because even though it takes a bit more time to set up the website, once done, editing and adding new features is easier.

Using the manual editor just takes a little bit longer but it's still an easy task.

Wix Vs GoDaddy - Ease of Use Conclusion:

If you need a website set up as quickly as possible; both GoDaddy and Wix offer Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) to quickly create a website. But spending a few minutes of extra one-time effort with the Wix manual editor is totally worth it for the ease of use and customization benefits you get in the long run.

Appearance & Design

I'm sure you already know, that at the end of the day, appearance does matter!

The looks of your website have a huge impact on how long your visitors stay and how they interact with your website. Typically, websites that look pretty make people stay on your website longer, and therefore, your business can achieve more leads and conversions.

With Wix's manual editor you can choose from hundreds of templates and you can easily design your website with drag-and-drop functionality.

With GoDaddy, you have comparatively fewer design options available as the website is developed using ADI.

Wix Vs GoDaddy - Appearance & Design Conclusion

Wix is popular for helping users create stunning websites. Wix templates also look more pleasing in comparison. Therefore, Wix is a clear winner here.

Tools & Features

More tools and features provide greater flexibility to your website in terms of functionality.

As your business starts to grow, you may want to incorporate additional business activities like eCommerce or email marketing. That's why it's important to know about these features before choosing a website builder.


Both Wix and GoDaddy offer eCommerce plans which you can upgrade to at any time and start selling physical and digital products through your website.

Both have accounting, marketing, customer service, and other tools necessary for eCommerce. They also have secure payment systems and do not charge any transaction fees.

Email marketing

Both Wix and GoDaddy have built-in email marketing tools.

However, Wix has many email marketing apps which you can integrate into your website.

Other features

Both Wix and GoDaddy have visitor analytics, blogging, social media integration, survey, and feedback options, along with many other features.

Wix Vs GoDaddy - Tools & Features Conclusion

Wix's features are of better quality, and having an app store means you will always have more options to choose from. Again, Wix is the winner.


Both Wix and GoDaddy offer a free plan using which you can publish a live website for free!

However, with a free website, you cannot have a custom domain. So a GoDaddy free website URL would look like this:


Wix's free website URL would also look similar.

Also, the free versions come with limited features. Such sites are good for non-commercial purposes, but for business purposes; you must upgrade to a premium plan.

Please note, plans available and their pricing can be different in different countries, also they may change with time. Hence, I would suggest you to check the pricing on Wix and GoDaddy's official websites.

Typically, Wix has 4 non-eCommerce plans with prices ranging from $13 to $39 per month billed annually. And 4 eCommerce plans with prices ranging from $23 to $500 per month billed annually. Note, that eCommerce plans are only relevant if you want to sell online.

GoDaddy has 3 non-eCommerce plans with prices ranging from $5.99 per to $14.99 per month billed annually. And 2 eCommerce plans with prices ranging from $19.99 to $239.88 per month billed annually.

Note, that even though GoDaddy's starting plan is cheaper, it does not have SEO features and so that's not really an option if you want to get found on search engines. If you compare a similar plan, GoDaddy would probably still be cheaper. However, Wix has better features and is better value for money.

Wix Vs GoDaddy - Pricing Conclusion

GoDaddy is a little bit cheaper; but still, Wix offers more value for money considering better quality features.

Note that in India, Wix is way cheaper than GoDaddy!

Help and Support

Even if you're great at figuring things on your own, you will still need help at some point.

Both Wix and GoDaddy have 24/7 phone support and live chat to easily get your queries resolved. They also have a help center with common questions answered.

But in addition to these, Wix has a help center feature integrated with the editor which makes it very easy to learn on the job! Take a look at the below screenshot. Every section has a help button explaining what it's about and how to perform various tasks.

Wix editor's help feature
Wix editor's help feature

Wix Vs GoDaddy - Help and Support Conclusion

Both provide great customer service, however, Wix is better because it has an integrated help center to make your work easier.

Wix Vs GoDaddy: The verdict

As explained, Wix beats GoDaddy in all the important parameters. Wix's better features, better design, easy customization, and value for money, make it a better option compared to GoDaddy.

Wix Vs GoDaddy: Common Questions

What is the difference between GoDaddy and Wix?

GoDaddy is a domain registrar and web hosting company that also offers a website builder service. GoDaddy offers a whole range of products and services to its customers. Wix on the other hand is a website builder and is therefore specialized in website building.

What is better than Wix?

There are many other good website builders like WordPress and Squarespace. You can check them out and based on your budget and needs, they may be a better option for you.

What big companies use Wix?

Wix is best for freelancers, bloggers, and small to medium-size businesses. Large companies do not use Wix, instead, they would need a more powerful hosting provider to suit their needs even though it can be highly expensive. However, this should not stop you from using Wix because if your business ever grows to that extent; you will have the financial resources to transfer your domain to a different platform. Do note, many Wix websites are earning huge amounts of revenue.

Below are some examples of highly successful Wix websites:

1. Animal music

2. Poke Bowlz

3. TerraLiving

4. Evolve Clothing

5. Hila Rawet Karni

(Source: https://www.wix.com/blog/2016/03/wix-websites-examples/)

(Verified using: https://builtwith.com/)

Does Wix own my domain name?

Many website owners think they own their domain names; when in reality, nobody owns a domain name. That's why we need to keep renewing the domain to keep using it. Wix may act as a registrar for your domain name but it does not own your domain name. No matter which service provider you use to build your website, the domain name will not be owned by you.

Is Wix or GoDaddy better for Starting an Online Boutique?

Wix has better eCommerce features than GoDaddy. With Wix, you can set up a more powerful store and also get more value for money. I have written a separate blog on Starting an Online Boutique if you're interested in eCommerce.

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