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4 Simple Ways to Make Money With Shopify

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

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You may believe entrepreneurship is for the exceptional kind, but what if I told you an average person can do it?!

What if I told you; you don't need huge investment capital, nor do you need to have your own products and delivery systems?

In this article, I will walk you through the 4 easiest ways to make money with Shopify; which you can use to start making money within months.

Let's get started!

1. Become a Shopify Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is a process where you promote a particular product to your audience and receive a commission for successful conversions achieved through your referral link.

If you have a large follower base on social media or some other platform, you can monetize that by promoting Shopify.

According to Shopify, affiliates earn an average of $58 for each user that signs up for a paid plan from your referral link!

Shopify is a great store builder with about 1.6 million stores globally. Therefore, it will require little convincing on your part to get conversions!

"But I'm an average guy and I don't have a large social media following"

I hear ya!

No worries. It's not that hard to build an audience from scratch!

Using Wix you can build a website at a very low annual cost and start your own Blog.

If you write blogs around finance or business topics you can easily add value to your community by promoting Shopify. But it's best to write about something your passionate about and if you can't promote Shopify to your target audience; you will always find products in your niche that can be useful to your audience!

And if you're not passionate about anything, that's a bit sad; but moving on... You can still write product reviews and help people pick the best products in your target niche.

A note on Wix

With Wix, you can build a free website within minutes. However, I highly recommend that you subscribe to a premium plan because you get a free domain for the first year and you receive one year premium subscription to apps like site booster and google analytics that helps you rank in google.

The free version is good if you write blogs as a hobby, but if you plan on making money, you will need a premium plan.

By the way, I built this website StartinganOnlineBoutique.com using Wix. Surprise! And it cost me very little.

Wix's SEO features have improved significantly from before, which means getting ranked on Google's first page with a Wix website is no longer hard in comparison to other website builders. If you found this website through Google; I've proved my point!

Wix offers a 14-day money-back guarantee. Click here to check the pricing.

2. Stock Photography

Sell your photography, Stock Photography

Photography is a very engaging activity and is a great hobby to have. But have you ever considered clicking photos for money?

You don't have to be a professional and you don't need a professional camera to click amazing pictures! Your smartphone is good enough to create pictures that sell!

You just need to learn some camera and editing techniques to get started.

Skillshare offers many small courses on mobile photography and photo editing and you can learn everything you need to know in the 7-day free trial they offer!

Stock photography is a business model where you sell the license to use your digital assets. People and businesses that want to use your photo will have to buy the license from you, which means you can sell the same picture to multiple customers!

It may be a good idea to target a particular niche. For example, you can make collections of dog photos and promote your website to dog lovers!

Broad topics like Nature or Travel can be very competitive, but with the right kind of promotion and quality content; you may be able to pull it off!

3. Selling educational content

The internet is filled with free training courses on every skill imaginable! But still, people don't mind paying to learn from someone they trust!

Are you a finance professional? You can create a course on personal finance. Are you good at basic math? You can create a math course for children of a particular age. You can even teach fashion designing and other creative arts. It's up to you, just make sure there is sufficient demand for what you want to teach.

To build your brand; you can create a blog with useful content and advertise the course to your audience. Shopify stores come with a blogging feature that you can make good use of.

What can be even more effective is if you create a YouTube channel delivering useful content and training samples. If you believe your personality doesn't have the charisma to attract a large audience, you can create doodle or cartoon videos with text-to-speech and voice-over software! You can use Doodly or Toonly to easily create highly engaging and professional style videos!

Also, if you choose to create content on YouTube, you must check out Videly, which is a great tool to help you rank your videos on the first page of Google and YouTube.

4. Dropshipping

Did you know you can set up an Online Boutique and sell products without actually owning them?

Then you wouldn't have to worry about managing inventory or taking care of deliveries; wouldn't that be great?!

Dropshipping suppliers like SaleHoo make it really easy for you to find products to sell.

The previous two methods, stock photography and selling educational content requires you to produce quality content to attract and retain customers. However, with dropshipping; you can focus entirely on promoting your store.

Starting an Online Boutique

If you're interested in stock photography, dropshipping, or selling educational content, you'll need to set up an Online Boutique.

I have written a separate blog explaining the step-by-step process for Starting an Online Boutique, in which I have also explained dropshipping in more detail!

Make money with Shopify - Common Questions

How much does the average person make on Shopify?

According to Littledata's survey in May 2020, the average revenue per customer of Shopify was $72. The average profit would depend on the profit margin and sales volume. There isn't enough data to come up with an average profit figure.

Do note that like any other business model, an average Shopify store fails to turn out profitable. This is because most people start out without a business strategy and then give up too soon. I believe it is not difficult to perform above average. You do not need to be extraordinary, you just need to learn about eCommerce and put in some extra effort. Trust me, the vast majority of people don't do all that!

How much do successful Shopify Stores make?

Successful Shopify stores make millions of dollars in revenue each year. You can check this post to learn about the most inspiring Shopify stores.

Do I need a business license to sell on Shopify?

In most cases, Shopify stores do not require a business license. It is strongly recommended that you check with your local laws to confirm if and when it is required. Also, check this post for more details on business license requirements for Shopify stores.

The Bottom Line

There are many ways to make money with Shopify, but in this article, I have mentioned those methods which require the least amount of effort and capital investment.

Don't get me wrong, it does require a lot of work! But you don't have to quit your day job to get started, and you don't need to be a business expert either!

I wish you the best in your business endeavors!

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Ending the post with a quote:

Expect the best. Prepare for the worst. Capitalize on what comes.

-Zig Ziglar

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